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Sep 7 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight

Thanks to forefathers of transformers, fight in Hong Kong manages to be won, but Optimus understands that the victory was given at the price of awful losses among robots. The reason for that began to destroy the total mistrust shown by the government organizations which are eager for alien robots. For the sake of replenishment of ranks of allies the last knight Prime goes to space distances, having left on the planet of the faithful associates to whom rest of mankind was allowed to protect the order.

Galvatron who escaped still is the strongest threat for the whole world, the master of Deseptikon collects new, even more terrible army, threatening to break the established tranquillity. The idea with the space bridge opening a gate in measurement of robots still is actual for the ardent opponent of people, Galvatron starts nourishing new idea of enslavement of the planet. The political forces operating the countries decide to reap generous given helping hand of robots and conclude the new alliance capable to resist to Deseptikon.

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