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Nov 11 2017

Victoria and Abdul

"Victoria and Abdul" this is a true story of friendship, which for a long time many seemed almost incredible. It has been discussed at various levels and attracted the attention of the general public. This is the story of the British Queen and the Indian Registrar. After meeting one day, they realized that they could provide mutual support to each other and look at the world in a new way.

Events begin to unfold at a moment when Princess Victoria gets a legitimate right of succession. Reaching the age of 18, she becomes Queen. In her hands is proving a huge power. Every decision of Queen Victoria affects the lives of millions of people. She becomes Queen of Great Britain, Ireland, and a little later and Empress of India. Among the many subjects turns Adviser Abdul Karim. With the support of Queen and becoming her right hand, he helps her to take a fresh look at the world around us. Abdul Karim becomes an influential man. In the blink of an eye he gets envious weaving intrigues against him.

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