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Oct 14 2017

The LEGO Ninjago Movie

It focuses attention on a couple of young but very talented fighters who are just starting its military path. They have chosen for themselves is not the simple calling, but their life will always be filled with impetuous and cheerful adventure. Companions constantly attend lessons of his teacher, who knows about martial arts literally everything. Heroes entertaining cartoon "The LEGO Ninjago Movie" trying to improve their skills to give a fitting rebuff to the forces of evil, which strive to harm residents Ninjago city. Each Member of the team manages a certain brave the elements, which makes them incredibly powerful.

Special power manifests itself only in those moments when the fighters are together. Apart from the fight with the evil guys have time to have fun and get acquainted with the girls. Suddenly, a new enemy is treacherous Garmadon. He is going to capture the city and subjugate all its inhabitants, and only the brave Ninja forces to stop the villain. The situation is complicated when it turns out that Garmadon and Lloyd is the leader of the heroes are father and son. The uneasy relationship between the two is that it prevents to put the final point in the confrontation.

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